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Azolla is a unique plant that can help reduce man-made climate change and provide biofertilizer, livestock feed, food and renewable energy anywhere in the world.

The Azolla Foundation was set  up by Azolla Biosystems Ltd founders Alexandra and Jonathan Bujak to provide a platform for sharing information about Azolla and its contribution to new technologies such as space exploration and planetary colonization.

Alexandra Bujak has a degree in Environmental Science which included experiments to maximize Azolla‘s CO2 sequestration. She is currently researching the numerous ways in which we can work with Azolla, including its potential to produce high-value pharmaceutical products.

Dr Jonathan Bujak is a paleontologist who has spent 40 years studying climate change in the Arctic. He was involved with the only two expeditions to core sediments beneath the North Pole – the 1979 Lomonosov Ridge Experiment (LOREX) and the 2004 Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX) which discovered the 50 million year old Arctic Azolla Event.

Their book ‘The Azolla Story’ will be published in 2016.

Our knowledge of Azolla is due to the work undertaken on Azolla by colleagues around the world and we gratefully acknowledge their contribution to the information on this website.

We also thank our Foundation Associates, including Francisco Carrapiço in Portugal and Mariano Montaño Armijos in Ecuador who provided the image above of baby ducks enjoying an Azolla meal.

We hope that you will share our enthusiasm for this remarkable plant and help us find new ways to work with it to benefit mankind and the other species that share our beautiful planet.

Please contact us by email and you can also visit the Azolla Foundation on Facebook.

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