Welcome to our compilation of Azolla videos.  We gratefully acknowledge all of our colleagues who have taken the time to make the videos and we would be grateful if you would contact us about other videos featuring Azolla.


A ten minute video by Azolla Foundation Associate Dr Mariano Montaño Armijos illustrating Azolla’s use as a biofertilizer in Ecuador (in Spanish).

Dr Montaño has provided the following comments to accompany the video:

“The emerging use of Azolla in the tropical Guayas Ecosystem platform – a unique and strategic zone of our planet – opens new opportunities in business, finance, culture, academia and politics. Azolla’s natural nitrogen source guarantees health, wealth and long-term sustainability, unlike artificially produced ‘chemical’ nitrogen that has been used in commercial agriculture for the past 60 years.

The rice-Azolla intercrop therefore represents a huge paradigm shift for Ecuador and the world because of its improvement of agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, fisheries, health, environment and the economy. By extending the use of Azolla in Ecuador’s rice fields, this unique plant is becoming the main source of Ecuador’s nitrogen fertilizer, opening an era of bio-production that replaces the use of chemical fertilizers.”


Duck Rice Farming in Japan (in English). A ten minute video showing Azolla Foundation Associate Dr Takao Furuno’s method of integrated duck-rice-Azolla-fish farming in Kyushu, Japan:


A 30 second video by Supachai Pitiwut showing how much baby ducks love to eat Azolla in Thailand (no dialogue): 


A 50 second video by Supachai Pitiwut showing how much ducks love to eat Azolla in Thailand (no dialogue):


A one and a half minute video illustrating the relationship between Azolla and its cyanobacterial symbiont Anabaena (no dialogue):


Harvesting Azolla in a rice paddy (in English). A one minute video showing Azolla being harvested from an integrated rice-Azolla paddy in Taiwan:


Backyard Azolla Cultivation Technology (in English). A one and a half minute video showing Azolla Foundation Associate Dr P. Kamalasanan Pillai’s award-winning method of ‘backyard Azolla cultivation’ for producing Azolla pellets as a livestock feed in India:


Organic/natural farming: Azolla – natural feeds & green fertilizer part 1 (partly in English). An 11 minute video by Sandy Itchon of ‘Sunshine Chicken’ showing Azolla’s use as a feed for chickens in The Philippines:


45-day chickens alongside an Azolla pond (no commentary). A two minute video by Azolla Foundation Associate Dexter C. Terrado showing chickens enjoying a feed of Azolla in The Philippines:


A 45 minute video of the 2012 lecture on the extensive growth of Azolla in Broken Creek, Victoria, Australia (in English). The speaker is Azolla Foundation Associate Dr Gavin Rees, Senior Scientist at the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, Australia:


A nine minute video by the LPP FoundationUniversity of Utrecht on Azolla’s multiple uses, including a biofuel source